Predictive Audiences: Addressing the Unaddressable

Addressing Audience Segments Without Device IDs.

As the ad industry adjusts to iOS privacy advancements and the loss of third-party cookies, marketers are looking for alternative solutions that offer the targeting efficiency and scale they’ve grown accustomed to.

Going forward, machine learning will play a central, durable role in audience targeting. Machine learning solutions can be applied today to verify the quality of audiences that have device IDs and predict the addressability of those that don’t. Predictive Audiences leverage segment-specific machine learning algorithms to classify bid requests without device IDs into audience segments in real-time.

The ad industry is already seeing a sharp decline in ID-addressable inventory and audiences. Learn how predictive audiences and other machine learning-based solutions can help you close the gap. Download the Predictive Audiences overview:

Download the Predictive Audiences Overview

Precision Targeting That Scales — With or Without Device IDs.