Industry lingo creates easy shortcuts for insiders. It lets us say more with less, so we can make our points faster and get on with things. The trouble is, when we don’t use it correctly or if we start to build more into the definition than is really there, it gets us into trouble faster too.

Jake Moskowitz from the Emodo Institute breaks down the misuse, misperceptions and misunderstandings of media terms we use every day.

#1 Deterministic

Scientists use this term to describe data that they know for sure is true. When the marketing industry borrowed the word, we altered the meaning to data we collected in a raw form and didn’t change.

The problem is, we’ve lost the truth part, which, with data, is essential. Saying that we haven’t changed the data doesn’t mean the data was ever accurate to begin with. If we care about data quality, it starts with knowing that it’s true.

#2 First Party

While we can all agree that if I say I have first-party data it means I gathered it myself, the problem is everything else people read into it. Our industry continu