Andrew Lazzaro and Alistair Goodman share behind-the-scenes details of the groundbreaking campaign that brought theater-lovers back to Broadway.
– Presented at I-COM Global Forum in June 2022.

Andrew Lazzaro is the Campaign Architect of “This is Broadway” – The marketing campaign behind the relaunch of live theater after the pandemic. Alistair Goodman is the CEO of Ericsson Emodo, the platform on which the immersive “Show Globe” advertising experience was developed and delivered.

The Broadway League sought to leverage Emodo’s advanced advertising capabilities to inspire interest and move specific audience segments into the funnel – and ultimately into theater seats. This ad campaign is a wonderfully illustrative example of how Emodo can quickly step in and drive meaningful business outcomes by actioning key insights, proprietary AI, AR and the company’s unique creative platform. It demonstrates how Emodo is engineering solutions around urgent client needs and shows off work we’re particularly proud of because of the contribution it made to an entire industry and the City of New York.

“This is Broadway” was designed to focus on upper-funnel awareness and remind audiences about their love for Broadway live theater. The immersive AR ad experience Emodo delivered ended up doing a lot more than that…