Today, we are thrilled to launch Emodo’s new brand identity. After elevating our exchange and expanding upon our creative ad solutions, now is the perfect time to reintroduce ourselves to the world as a bolder, more innovative, more dynamic Emodo.

Our mission is simple: to create memorable connections that make advertising more meaningful to consumers, impactful for advertisers and profitable for publishers.

We’ve built an intelligent exchange that puts creative first. Our technology enables advertisers to build brand love through rich, dynamic creative experiences informed by the latest AI and a deep understanding of consumer sentiment. It’s a better advertising experience — one that is more personal, relevant and rewarding.

Advertising That’s More Memorable

Reaching consumers and capturing their attention has become increasingly more difficult in today’s oversaturated, fragmented, ID-challenged advertising landscape. And while programmatic advertising is known to be efficient and effective, it’s also become commoditized, and the consumer experience marginalized. It’s looked at as a transactional vehicle, not one that inspires or builds brand love.

Emodo has never been a company that accepts the status quo. We’re continuously looking for ways to make advertising work better for everyone. We wondered… could we leverage the efficiency and effectiveness of programmatic, while also offering the opportunity for brand storytelling? We quickly realized that yes, we could, and, so, we did!

Everything we do at Emodo is powered by a combination of art and science to maximize personalization and performance in digital advertising.

We, along with our parent company, Ericsson, have invested heavily in developing an intelligent, global exchange that offers groundbreaking creative formats to make the unimaginable possible. We lead with creative experiences that are dynamic and immersive, developed to recapture attention and create memorable moments with your customers. Our experiences, including augmented reality, advanced native and interactive ads, were created to combat banner blindness and build brand love.

But what good is creative if it doesn’t perform? That’s where the science comes in.

All of our solutions are backed by smarter science. Emodo AI is continuously moving in a pattern of train, learn, repeat – fueling personalization through targeting, dynamic creative and performance across the board.

Our portfolio of audience solutions are future-proofed and our quality supply is verified so you don’t have to worry about reaching your customers accurately and at scale, even when IDs go away. Our predictive technology triples the scale of ID-based audiences. Our audiences are 80% accurate, as compared to an industry average of 40-60%. How, you might ask? Through our parent company, Ericsson, Emodo has exclusive access to 80% of the US’s telco network data which feeds us robust consumer behavioral insights that we use to feed our AI engine and inform, validate and verify our audience targeting strategy.

Introducing Adapt: Advanced Native by Emodo

Today, we also launch Emodo Adapt. Adapt is an exclusive, next-generation native ad format that delivers unmatched personalization and performance at scale. It is the perfect encapsulation of Emodo’s new direction, offering dynamic creative backed by smarter science.

Adapt is richer and smarter native advertising, constantly optimized by artificial intelligence against rich contextual signals and campaign KPIs. Every impression is rendered dynamically and uniquely with captivating effects, layouts and styling, to deliver limitless permutations of the same ad to drive better engagement and more impact.

Our Memorable New Look

Emodo has reimagined the value of advertising to put creative back in the driver’s seat; our new brand reflects this through our choice of bold imagery and a fresh color palette.

Our Emodo logo remains the same: we are proud to be a part of Ericsson and want to continue to showcase our relationship. Through this partnership, we are lucky to benefit from Ericsson’s strong commitment to privacy standards, an ingrained culture of innovation, and a noble dedication to sustainability. Emodo also benefits from exclusive access to Ericsson network data that we leverage to inform our AI and audience modeling.

Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Headed

Throughout the process of rebranding, we thought a lot about our evolution into the company we are today, as well as our vision for the future. To look forward, sometimes it’s helpful to look back.

Emodo was founded in 2017 as an innovation company within Ericsson. In 2018, it acquired Placecast, a location intelligence platform that leveraged carrier data to deliver better audience verification and insight solutions. Through this acquisition, Emodo benefited from sophisticated technology and AI to power programmatic advertising solutions. In 2021, Emodo acquired Axonix SSP in order to better serve the entire advertising ecosystem through an end-to-end exchange. Today, in 2022, we relaunch our brand to fuse together our history of artificial intelligence, data, and technology platforms and our future of creative-led experiences.

We’re incredibly excited about the future. We can’t wait to continue to evolve our technology and solutions to support our advertiser, agency, publisher and partner relationships in new ways moving forward.

Let’s create more memorable connections, together. Visit our new website to learn more.