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FIVE - The 5G Podcast for Marketers: Episode #4 We just released the fourth episode of FIVE: “The Reinvention of Retail.” Even if you’re not involved in retail marketing, we think you’ll find it very interesting and applicable to all kinds of marketing practices. In Episode #4, Jake Moskowitz and his guests explore the potentially transformative impact Read More
Have you checked out the FIVE podcast yet? FIVE is the podcast that cuts through the 5G hype and breaks down what’s real for marketers. Each episode dives into topics that may be consequential to marketers, especially in a 5G world. Join us as we examine the technical, consumer and marketing impacts of 5G on Read More
The Emodo Institute has launched its first podcast series. The first two episodes of FIVE - The 5G Podcast for Marketers - are now live on several podcast listening platforms. The first episode, titled 5G – Not Just Another G, outlines the five big marketing shifts that will be driven by 5G. Episode #2,The Reality of Read More
Jake Moskowitz’ latest article on Street Fight dispels common myths about location targeting in Automotive, Retail, Travel and QSR campaigns. In the article, Jake doesn’t just call out the untrue, he also clarifies the real (and really compelling) opportunities for those industries. Give it a read... Four Targeting Myths That Devalue the Real Power of Location Targeting When it Read More