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You probably know a thing or two about viewability, brand safety and fraud. Those are obviously serious digital advertising concerns. However, they may be calling your attention away from the worst offender of all: the data. Behind all of the growth and allure of location-based advertising, a secret has been looming: Nearly half of the data Read More
Now that mobile has surpassed desktop in digital ad spend, the biggest threat to campaign ROI may actually be in the data used for location-based targeting. The fact is, almost half of the device location data used in location-based campaigns are inaccurate. Across the projected $20.7 Billion in location-based ad spend this year, that represents a Read More
We are excited to announce that we are joining the Ericsson Emodo family. We share a vision to transform data into results for mobile operators, advertisers, and publishers. This deal builds on the unique strengths of Placecast and Ericsson Emodo, creating a market-leading, data-driven business which specializes in monetizing mobile operator data to empower both advertisers Read More
Location data can be a goldmine for marketers. As explored in the first blog post of this series, accurate, real-time location data can enable marketers to deliver more efficient targeted campaigns on mobile devices, giving brands the power to deliver a hyper-relevant message to the right people at the right time. But it’s not just real-time location data that has value. Marketers Read More