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ROI can seem like a mythical creature for digital advertisers—something everyone wants to capture but remains stubbornly elusive. Despite the explosive growth of digital advertising technology, proving and measuring ROI continues to be a challenge. To start, many platforms that track and measure ROI are not standardized, resulting in metrics that are inconsistent. In addition, the conventional Read More
Independent test of providers by MediaCom puts Mobsta firmly at the forefront Mobsta, a location targeting and data specialist in the UK, just announced that it has been ranked number one in an independent ranking of geolocation providers in the UK. The test, run by MediaCom, was designed to determine the validity of the claims of many of the companies, Read More
In the world of mobile marketing, geofencing has become the lingua franca for agency buyers, retailers, techies and data analysts. Everyone understands the idea of putting a “magical” virtual polygon around a place that sends stuff to consumers’ phones based on where they have been, where they are, when they are there and the things in Read More
With Black Friday looming, marketers are working to reach their target audience with a last minute push. With smartphone usage exploding, marketers can no longer rely on one channel, medium or device to help reach their audience. This year, it’s more important than ever to connect online to offline--across all devices. Analyzing past online and offline behavioral Read More