A new partnership between digital ad company SocialVibe and Placecast integrates SocialVibe’s platform and Placecast’s patented geofencing technology to deliver virtual currency via SMS to users who complete one of SocialVibe’s brand engagements for merchants like Best Buy and are then found nearby physical merchant store locations. This experience allows a brand to create a seamless connection with these users and extends SocialVibe’s successful online engagement model into the real world, reaching U.S. consumers across the buying cycle and rewarding them with virtual currency through the process.

More effective than a coupon or most traditional promotions, this approach to mobile marketing enables brands to leverage the power of many types of virtual currency to drive retail foot traffic and sales. With the added analytics capabilities, this system provides a great way for retailers to track the effectiveness and true ROI of an online spend.

The User Experience

The customer journey from online engagement to physical location follows three key steps, including a Triple Opt-In Program that starts with the initial SocialVibe online engagement and is finalized when users complete their enrollment via SMS from their mobile device:

Step 1: Customer Opts In⎯While surfing online, customers opt-in to alerts from a particular brand in exchange for the chance to earn virtual currency related to whatever activity they are participating in, for example a social game.

Step 2: Geofence is Triggered⎯When users are nearby a retail location for the brand program they opted-in to, the geofence is triggered, prompting an SMS alert to the user.

Step 3: A Dynamic Message is Sent⎯The SMS message may include a brand offer, reminder or confirmation of earned virtual currency.