Marketers are really good at detecting marketing BS.

In the marketing field, AI is all the rage. There’s excitement around new AI capabilities. There’s heightened interest in AI-driven efficiency. And there’s an ongoing stream of new opportunities that are springing from AI innovation.  That might lead even the best of us to get carried away in claims of AI “magic.”

At the same time, there’s also growing competition in the growing field of AI solutions and AI has become a buzzword, a catch-all term. That often leads to companies feeling pressure to wave the AI flag and dive immediately into the AI details. But that can spark more questions than enthusiasm.

This episode of FIVE focuses on the AI sales pitch to help marketers hone their intuition, find the legit powerful solutions, sniff out the gotchas… and answer the question, “What’s the catch?”

The FIVE List

Join us for episode 7 for the all the details behind the FIVE:

  1. If you’re selling solutions powered by real AI, then you should really try to avoid pinning your story on AI.
  2. If you’re a buyer, spend most of your time diagnosing your problem and far less on  finding the solution.
  3. Sellers should sell performance first, not technology.
  4. Buyers and sellers should expect clarity and transparency from each other.
  5. If you’re thinking about adopting an AI-powered solution, it’s better to take a step and fail than not try at all.

Three impressive, insightful guests to explore best practices for vendors selling AI-powered solutions. And, best practices for marketers looking to implement AI-powered solutions. 

Parry Malm, CEO @ Phrasee the most advanced AI-Powered Copywriting tech on the planet, a world-leading natural language generation system that writes marketing copy that sounds human – and fits your brand’s voice. It’s a deep learning engine that can predict what language will and won’t work better than any human. The tech extends across all digital channels, including email, push, paid social, paid search, display, and web, giving you a consistently high-performing brand voice everywhere. They quite literally wrote the book on this technology (it’s called “The Language Effect” and you can request your copy here).

Liz Miller, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Inc. where they are passionate about how business models can be transformed by disruptive technology. Their goal is to help clients realize the Art of the Possible.

Don Fluckinger Senior News Writer, Search Customer Experience and Search Content Management at TechTarget. He covers CX management and its enabling technologies (CRM, service/support, marketing automation, sales automation, e-commerce, call center and digital experience) for SearchCustomerExperience. A music diehard and vinyl blogger, Don cranks up the rock, jazz, blues or funk — and rips off the knob.

And of course, Jeremy Lockhorn, Global Head of Partner Solutions at Ericsson Emodo, speaker, mobile marketing expert.

The Five podcast is presented by Ericsson Emodo and the Emodo Institute, and features original music by Dyaphonic and the Small Town Symphonette. Social media and promotional content was composed and conducted by Lyon Solntsev. This episode was edited by Justin Newton and produced by Robert Haskitt, Liz Wynnemer, and Jake Moskowitz.

Transcript for AI E7: The AI Pitch and Catch


If you keep automating your bad processes, all you’re getting are really fast bad process, right? And so AI is never going to solve your bad process. It can accelerate it.


Let’s talk AI. Welcome to FIVE, the podcast that breaks down AI for marketers. This is episode seven, the AI pitch and catch. I’m Jake Moskowitz.

You know that this is a podcast for marketers. It’s in the title. It’s in the intro. It’s in the conversations we have in every episode. Well, if there’s one thing we marketers have in common, aside from, you know, marketing, is probably this, marketers are really good at detecting marketing BS. If they’re not buying what you’re selling, they either don’t need it, or