With Black Friday looming, marketers are working to reach their target audience with a last minute push. With smartphone usage exploding, marketers can no longer rely on one channel, medium or device to help reach their audience. This year, it’s more important than ever to connect online to offline–across all devices.

Analyzing past online and offline behavioral data is a critical step in creating a marketing plan, which is why we recently joined forces with Research Now to create a new methodology to integrate cross-device data collection and understand a shopper’s path to purchase.

A Black Friday study was conducted using this new methodology with Research Now and ID graph panel (detailed below). We selected a sample size of 40,000 panelists and opened a new range of insight opportunities during the biggest sale of the year.



Device ID collection relies on algorithms and machine learning systems as well as an actual data collection stream to make a prediction match to help pair shoppers to their devices. Research Now has developed a new pool of panelists who can be targeted using their device ids. This approach is known as creating an identity (ID) graph. Effectively the ID graph created enables the capability to target opted-in users for surveys, and/or report on their behavior.

It’s important to note that these IDs can also be correlated to other IDs (such as online cookies), enabling us to unlock insights and behaviors across devices. The ability to target surveys based on specific geo requirements refine the measurement of brand funnel ROI and connect the multiple media touchpoints on shopper behaviour in both the online and the physical world.


The study, conducted from November 23 to December 4, 2015, found the following:

There’s a large opportunity for brands to reach consumers in-store, the day of Black Friday

Our Black Friday study has consistently shown a pattern in how people plan for and shop on this day–and we’ve found that despite brand’s marketing efforts ahead of time, there’s