Welcome to a New World of Immersive AR Creative

Ericsson Emodo and 8th Wall are bringing a new type of Augmented Reality ad to the web and apps everywhere. Today, to engage with most AR experiences, consumers need to find the thing by navigating to a specific part of an app OR by visiting a specific URL (sometimes triggered by a QR code or a click on a display ad). But what if we could remove that friction and put the AR experience directly into standard display ad sizes? No need to fire up an app or visit a specific URL – the experience simply is delivered to the user wherever they are.

That’s what we call In-Line AR Ads, and it’s coming soon.

This is a first-to-market opportunity and we are actively recruiting brands and publishers to join our initial pilot program.

Below are two separate demo pages illustrating what the ad experience might look like in context.

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