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To keep you informed and engaged, we’ve extended the Emodo Institute’s online learning options. Our Learning Library provides snack-sized, thought-provoking vignettes of digital advertising lessons chock full of best practices. Enjoy!

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Navigating the Uncertain Holidays

Date July 30th, 2020
43% fewer consumers are optimistic about the upcoming holiday season compared to just two months ago. How will holiday shopping change as a result? What does that mean for advertisers?...
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What is Data Science Hiding From?

Date July 10th, 2020
Marketing data. It’s a $20 billion industry composed of hundreds of companies, most of which gather, shape and sell consumer targeting data to brands and agencies. Very few of those...
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The Retailer’s Road to Winning Consumers Back

Date June 25th, 2020
As shelter-in-place orders are lifted across the country, restaurants and retailers are seeking to understand how to regain the business and trust of their consumers. The Emodo Institute research set...