Inventory With a Distinct Advantage

Emodo inventory is different than any other, because it’s powered by Carrier Intelligence. That’s kind of a big deal if you’re serious about inventory accuracy, performance and waste reduction.

Let’s Work Together

Powered by Carrier Intelligence

Emodo inventory is meticulously verified against the largest, most accurate dataset available – the data from mobile carriers. We’ve basically inserted a quality-assurance checkpoint, pre-bid, so you don’t end up buying black-box junk.

An Array of Options

Maximize reach, optimize to specific KPIs, target distinct audiences with differentiated ads, and more.

A Trio of Screens

Solutions for mobile (In-app & web), desktop and connected TV.

A Gamut of Formats

Video, audio, display, CTV and native advertising.

A Better Approach

The best-performing inventory identified algorithmically, pre-buy.

Wait. Algorithmically?

If you’re into AI, you might know that powering high-performance inventory and targeting with predictive modeling would take a massive data set with unassailable accuracy. Bingo. That’s what we do.

Now, Consider Emodo

While other solution providers duke it out for sameness, Emodo provides inventory and audience solutions you can’t find anywhere else. Find out more about Emodo’s signature audiences.

Emodo Audiences

How to Buy:
Emodo Marketplace

Emodo uses Carrier Intelligence to predict media performance, inventory quality and more. You can access Emodo inventory however you buy – through leading DSPs or as a managed service.

Emodo Markeplace

Targeting options may vary depending on format, environment and marketplace.