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Measure foot traffic, population flow and mobility patterns
with unmatched accuracy, depth and granularity.

Measure foot traffic, population flow and mobility patterns with unmatched accuracy, depth and granularity.

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Emodo Insights

Where’s Everybody Going?

Whether you develop real estate, sell cars or market a chain of retail stores, location is key. Location, however, is all about populations and mobility patterns. No one knows more about that than Emodo. Our uniquely powerful suite of mobility analytics bring the who, what, when and how many to the “where.”

  • Traffic and movement trends
  • Visitor demographics and behavioral patterns
  • Visit behaviors, like frequency, competitive traffic and dwell
  • Aggregated, anonymized data to ensure consumer privacy

Retail Visit Intelligence

To retailers and restauranteurs, foot traffic metrics are essential for understanding the opportunities and challenges of each location. But, there’s a lot more to know about store visitors than the mere fact that they popped by. Emodo Insights go much deeper with an array of strategy-shaping analytics you can’t get anywhere else.

Dealership Visit Intelligence

Emodo DVI helps auto dealers sell more cars, market smarter and optimize marketing spend. It’s a dealership-specific suite of consumer analytics that reveals dozens of actionable insights about dealership visits, visitors and the visitors of their specified competitors.

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Advertising Performance

When brick and mortar brands run ad campaigns, foot traffic is often the most important KPI. Emodo inventory and audiences enable targeting based on previous store visits and mobility patterns. Emodo Store Visit Reports (SVR) measure the resulting foot traffic of those campaigns with unprecedented depth and accuracy – and, enable optimization to footfall performance while campaigns are live.

Insights for Critical Investment

Emodo offers specialized solutions to hedge fund, real estate, and other organizations that require highly accurate population and movement analytics to inform investment strategies and decisions.

Insights for Critical Initiatives

We can work with a variety of other industries and organizations to define custom reporting solutions for uniquely nuanced applications. Examples include transportation, government, and insurance.