Learning Programs

Hone your team’s mobile advertising expertise. Emodo Institute courses help digital teams master mobile practices and clear the hurdles that impede mobile success.

Mobile Advertising Courses for 2018

Mobile Programmatic Advertising Basics 101

  • Learn the unique aspects of executing mobile programmatic campaigns
  • Understand concepts that are unique to mobile, location-based advertising 
  • Develop campaigns that effectively integrate mobile data, media,  measurement tools and vendors

Mobile Data Sourcing + Curation 102

  • Learn about the various sources and methods of collecting location data 
  • Understand the benefits, risks and accuracy rates of the various data sources and collection methods
  • Develop mobile-centric data curation techniques of combining well-sourced segments into an effective plan

Mobile Data Verification 103

  • Learn about the need for and value of third-party mobile data verification
  • Understand the pros and cons of different mobile data verification methods
  • Develop strategies for ensuring  and measuring data accuracy pre- and post-campaign

Mobile Data Privacy + Security 104

  • Learn about the impact of GDPR and other privacy regulations on mobile advertising
  • Understand how to mitigate data privacy and security risks across mobile campaigns
  • Develop practices and principles that will safeguard audience data while delivering results

3 different LEARNING modes to choose from:

On-Site Learning

On-site classes taught in-person at your facility by an Emodo Institute instructor, customized for your team

Online Learning

Live, online versions of the same courses that allow for a distributed team learning experience

Podium Series

The Emodo Institute members speak on emerging trends and research at industry conferences around the world