5G (fifth-generation) technology, while in development for a decade, has just begun a nationwide rollout among the largest carriers in 2019. In this FOX Business article, Jake Moskowitz, head of the Emodo Institute, explains: “If I get a 5G phone right now, even if I live in a 5G network, I’m unlikely to notice much of a change. That’s because 5G is really an enabling technology, and for 5G to have a big impact, it requires multiple ‘complementary technologies’ to come along with it, and those are not in place yet.”

Jake explains that 5G is likely to feel gradual at first and may leave consumers wondering what all the fuss is about. “But then there will be an inflection point after which we’ll barely be able to remember the 4G world, and any company that hasn’t already adjusted at that point risks being too late to respond to the innovative new companies that will race to fill the void.”