San Francisco, CA – WEBWIRE – Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Emodo, Ericsson’s mobile advertising and data monetization platform, today unveiled Emodo Supply, the first and only carrier data-powered product that enables demand-side platforms (DSPs) to filter media supply for accuracy, thus bringing clean and reliable inventory into the programmatic environment. By filtering media supply prior to the bidding process, Emodo Supply ensures that only carrier-verified, high-quality inventory is purchased for campaigns, reducing wasted ad spend and improving ROI.

While the mobile advertising industry actively tackles media viewability and fraud issues, little has been done to combat the major data inaccuracy problem. An internal study found on average 33 percent of data from specialty data vendors and a whopping 57 percent of data from advertising exchanges are inaccurate. Inaccurate data means marketers are targeting the wrong people, which can lead to ROI challenges.

Emodo is on a mission to systematically build solutions for the advertising ecosystem to bring verifiable accuracy into the programmatic environment. The company’s unique relationships with carriers enable it to safely leverage anonymized, privacy-compliant carrier data as a truth set for scoring the accuracy of other mobile data. This is the foundation for Emodo Supply, which uses carrier data as a filter to remove bad data at the supply level, ensuring only clean, verified data and inventory is made available on DSPs.

“The ad ecosystem is focused on transparency as a proxy for quality. Media agencies are savvy — they know there are mobile data problems in the ecosystem,” explained Alistair Goodman, General Manager at Emodo. “By leveraging carrier data as an accepted truth set, debates about accuracy become real solutions that improve media delivery. Verified supply gives advertisers the confidence that high-quality data and inventory is consistently applied to their programmatic campaigns.”

With Emodo Supply, advertisers can be confident that the data used in their targeted campaigns is accurate, leading to decreased wasted spend and increased ROI. Mobsta, a location and audience targeting specialist, is a current Emodo client partner and already uses mobile operator data to help create and verify their unique audience segments.

“Mobsta has seen first hand the value of mobile operator data,” said Denise Breslin, Managing Director at Mobsta. “Not only does it enable us to verify our audiences, now, with Emodo Supply, agencies an