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5G Will Reshape Advertising Data

The next gen mobile network takes connectivity well beyond the mobile phone – and that includes the ways in which marketers connect with consumers. In this article published by AdExchanger, Jake Moskowitz, Head of the Emodo Institute, describes how 5G will redefine the data marketers use to target their messages. Take a deep dive into five gradual changes we …

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5G For Business: Thinking Beyond The Phone And Carrier Plan For The 5G Future

In his latest article on , Emodo General Manager Alistair Goodman provides a bigger picture view of 5G for business and suggests some early steps to consider now. The article includes statistics and examples of how and why companies should think about complementary technologies as they plan for the 5G future.

DigiMarcon, Chicago

Join us at DigiMarCon in Chicago on June 20, 2019 and learn more about 5G and how it will impact Digital Marketing with Jake Moskowitz.  

I-Com Data creativity Award

Emodo had been selected and was finalist for the I-com Data Creativity Award, category Programmatic. Even if we’re not bringing the price home this year, we’re proud of this achievement and recognition of our work.

Marketing CPG

If you are heading to the Mediapost Marketing CPG conference, grab your plate and enjoy a lunch & learn with Jake Moskowitz on The Impact of 5G on Retail Marketing.

Emodo wins a Stevie American Business Award

Emodo’s Carrier Intelligence Platform was awarded Bronze in the Big Data Solution Category at the Stevie American Business Awards, described by the jury as an “essential product improvement in an area of continuing growth”.

I-COM Global Summit

Maria Domoslawska has been selected to speak with partner Simon Bailey from Axonix at this major industry conference. Come to hear them Thursday, May 16 at 11:45 presenting their research on what’s Driving Quality in Programmatic. Emodo is also partner of this event, find us during the tapas tour, Wednesday May 15.

Emodo Welcomes IAB Data 360 Training

We are pleased to host the IAB Training on Data, in our San Francisco office, 140 New Montgomery St, Suite 1500, Thursday May 2nd 2019, from 8.30am to 4.30pm PST.   This one-day event will be an opportunity for every professional working in digital advertising to improve their knowledge about data science.

ARF Audience x Science

If you are interested to know How a Truth Set Can Power Data Accuracy Verification, please join the presentation by Maria Domoslwaska and Jake Moskowitz on Monday, April 15, at 2:20pm in the Hyatt Regency, Jersey City.

Four Targeting Myths That Devalue the Real Power of Location Data

Jake Moskowitz dispels common myths about location targeting in Automotive, Retail, Travel and QSR campaigns. In the article, Jake doesn’t just call out the untrue, he also clarifies the real (and really compelling) opportunities for those industries.

Before Greenlighting That Next Big Campaign, Learn The Veiled Truth About Targeting Data

These days, almost every forward-thinking marketing initiative is based on the assumption that consumer targeting data is solid, proven and readily available. While it’s certainly available in abundance, it isn’t always solid, and it’s almost never proven. Find out why the data science is veiled and the question you need to ask about the Data.

The Transparency Trap: On Low Standards for ‘Transparency’ in the Data Market

Thanks to a number of transparency initiatives, the industry has reduced fraud, increased brand safety, and improved campaign ROI. However, when it comes to the data that drives those same campaigns, the industry is electing to adopt a different, narrower definition of transparency. The ad industry has inconsistent attitudes and expectations when it comes to …

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People-Based Marketing is Missing a Critical Element: Accurate Data

Two location targeting themes are gaining real steam as we near the end of 2018 – “People-based Marketing” and the significant problem of data inaccuracy. Jake Moskowitz, Head of the Emodo Institute, brings some fact-based perspectives and practical solutions to the growing conversation about data quality.

IAB Data Symposium

Come join VP of Insights Maria Domoslawska at her workshop “Want better customer conversations? The difference is the data” where she will share her latest research. Or contact us to schedule a meeting: . We’d love to meet you.

Seven Hard Truths About Location Data Accuracy

Before you choose the targeting data for mobile campaigns or any other location-powered objective, it’s good to have a few guideposts to help you narrow down the options. Jake Moskowitz provides seven proven norms that can bring clarity to key data expectations and decision factors in this article.

How the Ad Industry Encourages Poor Data Quality

Next time you’re selecting targeting data for a digital ad campaign, pick segments that have won awards for quality or received five-star user ratings. Makes sense: Data decisions guided by true quality tend to yield better results. Unfortunately, you can’t do that—there’s no such indicator. It’s time for the industry to get serious about data quality.

When Transparency Isn’t Enough

Whether the conversation is about brand trust, safety, engagement, marketing innovation, attribution or effectiveness, clean data is a prerequisite. Data is the foundation upon which marketing leaders are shaping their visions of tomorrow, but today’s advertising data is hardly foundation-worthy. The data that powers digital advertising is incorrect more than 45% of the time.

Now That We’ve Improved Media Transparency, Let’s Do the Same With Data

Media transparency has been top of mind for marketers over the last few years. As a result, a thriving ecosystem of verification initiatives, vendors, and solutions emerged to measure issues such as fraud and viewability. Today, there is a different challenge that requires the same level of industry attention: data quality.

Data Accuracy: How to Fix Programmatic’s Unsolved Problem

Join Jake Moskowitz’s webinar on “Data Accuracy: How to Fix Programmatic’s Unsolved Problem.” Using new location data case studies and research analyses, Jake will demonstrate how rampant data accuracy issues are, how they can be fixed, and how much impact inaccurate data has on marketer KPIs. Register below or contact .

AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O New York

Come meet us in NYC at AdExchanger’s Programmatic I/O. Contact us to schedule a meeting – . We’d love to meet you.

Emodo @ DMEXCO

Meet our team @DMEXCO in Germany. Contact us to schedule a meeting – .

Ericsson Emodo Partners With Axonix To Launch Emodo Supply, the First-Ever Carrier-Verified Media Supply Solution for Programmatic Advertising

The Digiday Technology Award-winning Emodo platform verifies big requests using carrier data in order to tackle the industry's inaccuracy problem at the inventory level.

Emodo Supply Offers First Carrier-Verified Data for Programmatic Advertising

In what the company is touting as a breakthrough for the programmatic advertising industry, a new service will use carrier data to verify the accuracy of mobile data at the supply level. Called Emodo Supply, the product will be offered by telecom giant Ericsson’s mobile advertising platform in partnership with programmatic trading company Axonix.

Ericsson Emodo Partners with Axonix to Launch Emodo Supply

Emodo,  Ericsson’s mobile advertising and data monetization platform, unveiled Emodo Supply, the first and only carrier data-powered product that enables demand-side platforms (DSPs) to filter media supply for accuracy, thus bringing clean and reliable inventory into the programmatic environment.

Mobile Advertisers, Don’t Be Fooled By Claims About ‘Precise’ Data

Location advertising has captured the imaginations of media creatives and buyers alike, with the promise of precisely targeting the right consumers at the right time and tracking whether marketing drives visitation behavior. Unfortunately, many location data vendors have woven a potentially misleading narrative about the precision of their data.

User Not Found: How to Verify Location Data to Unlock Value

Join Maria Domoslawaska for the webinar “User Not Found: How to Verify Location Data to Unlock Value” at 10:00 am PST on August 8th. If you are interested in joining email: .

Emodo Launches First-Ever Educational Initiative to Tackle Advertising’s Data Illiteracy Problem

The Emodo Institute will offer research and learning programs to help increase clarity and confidence across the mobile programmatic ecosystem.

Carrier Location Data Giving Ericsson Ad Division a Competitive Advantage

Ericsson’s mobile advertising and monetization platform, Ericsson Emodo has launched ‘Emodo Audiences’ with an aim to boost the quality of location data in the ad ecosystem

Cannes Lions

Come meet us at Cannes! On Wednesday, June 20, we will be co-sponsoring Daily Dose Cocktails called “Place-Based Edge: Creative Application of Data in Technology” with MediaLink at 5 p.m. Or email  to schedule a meeting with us in our suite at the JW Marriott.

ARF Audience x Science 2018

Maria Domoslawaska, Vice President of Insights, has been selected to speak at ARF Audience x Science. She will present her research on Carrier Data: Key to Verified Location Data with Ogi Radic from Spark Foundry.

Ericsson Emodo Launches First-Ever Carrier-Verified Audience Solutions to Maximize Efficiency of Ad Spend

Ericsson’s mobile advertising and monetization platform, today launched Emodo Audiences, making carrier-verified audience solutions available in the U.S. for the first time.

Ericsson Emodo Launches Carrier-Verified Audience Solution

In a bid to address quality concerns currently looming over the mobile advertising industry, Ericsson Emodo is launching a product that uses carrier data at scale to pre-verify mobile audiences and inventory, and then makes those audience segments available through any major demand-side platform. Dubbed Emodo Audiences, the new product is considered to be the first carrier-verified …

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Ericsson’s Mobile Ad Platform Taps Telcos To Validate Location Data

Emodo, Ericsson’s mobile ad platform for telcos , is aiming to boost the quality of location data in the ad ecosystem with a tool launched Thursday that uses carrier data to verify mobile audiences on a pre-bid basis.

Ericsson Emodo Offers Free Data Verification to Help Improve Mobile Advertising Accuracy

The first verification tool of its kind, the Emodo Verification product uses carrier data to verify the accuracy of mobile marketing efforts for advertisers and media buyers, eliminating wasteful spend.

I-COM Global Summit

Ericsson Emodo is a Data Creativity Award finalist its work in location verification. Maria Domoslawska will also speak on the panel “Leveraging and Measuring Mobile & Location Based Marketing.”

Mobile World Congress

Ericsson Emodo will be at the Ericsson booth at Mobile World Congress. Come meet us for a demo and learn how we can be part of your solution.

Ericsson Emodo Partnership Forum

The Ericsson Emodo Partnership Forum is an exclusive invite-only day of networking and knowledge sharing where leading global business and thought leaders from publishers, data providers, mobile operators, brands, and agencies come together to develop a perspective on the evolving interplay of digital advertising, data and mobile communications while experiencing a taste of what Barcelona …

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Ericsson Emodo Beefs Up Its Ad Tech Chops With Placecast Acquisition

On Wednesday, the Swedish networking and telecom company announced its acquisition of Placecast, a combo data management and demand-side platform (DSP) for location data

Kochava Summit

Maria Domoslawska joins Edward Leu of Yahoo! and Grant Cohen of Kochava to talk about “The Role of Carriers” in the industry.

TechBytes with Jake Moskowitz, VP, Measurement Solutions, Placecast

Placecast’s VP of Measurement Solutions Jake Moskowitz shares insights with Sudipto Zephyr Ghosh on how marketers can utilize location intelligence solutions to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Year ahead: The top mobile and in-app advertising predictions for 2018

With 2018 just around the corner, we’ve asked some of the mobile advertising industry’s top executives for their predictions for the year ahead. Everything you need to know, from mobile video to programmatic and mCommerce (in alphabetic order).

Ericsson debuts programmatic ad platform for telcos

Ericsson, the Swedish maker of networking equipment, debuted a programmatic ad platform that gives cellular providers another way to monetize their subscriber data…

Hello Emodo: Ericsson Looks to Mobile Ad Tech for Growth

Ericsson is launching its first global advertising solution with Ericsson Emodo, a new data management and ad tech platform that delivers high-quality audiences…

Ericsson Launches Global Advertising Solution

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) has launched Ericsson Emodo, a new data management and advertising solution that provides high-quality audiences at scale to advertisers, brands and publishers.

Why Carrier Data Is the Key to Unlocking Mobile Verification

Verification is emerging as one of the biggest themes of 2017 in adtech. The next battleground is clearly verifying the data accuracy of the underlying ingredients — namely the quality of data used for targeting and measurement.

The Next Wave of Verification

Verification is emerging as one of the biggest themes of the year in adtech. Join Jake Moskowitz, VP of Measurement Solutions at Placecast, Kevin McGinnis, CEO of Pinsight Media, and Benjamin Bring, as they present an overview of the next wave of location verification solutions…

LBMA Retail Loco

Jake Moskowitz speaks on the panel “Driving Traffic to the Store”…

Pinsight Taps Carrier Data To Verify The Accuracy Of Location-Based Campaigns

Marketers are open to spending on location data, but they lack the proof to show that their efforts are working…

Placecast and Sprint’s Insight Media Finally Bring Verification to Mobile Advertising

The Placecast Location Verification product uses a ‘truth set’ of location data from Pinsight Media to test the accuracy of location, offering a level of accuracy that cannot be provided by pattern recognition alone…..

Five Bay Area startups to watch this week

Placecast named one of the five Bay Area startups to watch…

Placecast Teams Up With Sprint’s Pinsight Media To Launch The First Independent Location Verification Product For Advertisers

New Location Verification solution leverages carrier data to verify the accuracy of mobile marketing efforts for advertisers and media buyers, eliminating wasteful spend

Placecast launches new product to verify the location data in mobile ad campaigns

Location data is the “next frontier” when it comes to ad measurement and verification…

Mobilenomics Summit

Jake Moskowitz presents on the opportunities and challenges of mobile advertising and location data accuracy…

Placecast Expands Leadership Team with Former Nielsen and Research Now Executives to Strengthen Measurement Solutions for Mobile Advertising

Jake Moskowitz and Maria Domoslawska bring more than 30 years combined experience to lead business development as Placecast prepares for upcoming measurement product ….

Ericsson Is Rolling Out A Mobile Ads Platform for Telcos

Ericsson is about to enter an unexpected space: ad tech. The Swedish networking giant is testing a mobile ads platform to aggregate anonymized deterministic data…

Placecast Awarded Two Patents in Location Data as Company Also Introduces Placecast Native Ad Product

New offering is one of the first to incorporate location-based data into traditional native advertising to reach only the most relevant consumers

Placecast is bringing location intelligence to native advertising to improve relevance and performance.

We also announced two new patents pertaining to “Location data management and targeting”….

ESOMAR Congress 2016

Alistair Goodman Presents with Maria Domoslawska from Research Now: The New Norm for Understanding Retail Behavior or Mobile-Centric Consumers

Placecast and Research Now at ESOMAR Congress 2016

Placecast CEO and Research Now Director of Mobile Research Products to share in-depth study on the opportunities of using location data in retail.

Facebook and Google are Marching Directly into the Physical World. Carriers Hold the Key to Breaking the Duopoly.

Google & Facebook on track to control ~70% of digital ad spend, mobile carriers have the scale & data to compete….

I-COM Global Summit

Alistair Goodman speaks on: Mobile-location Data for Cross-Media Measurement and Ad Effectiveness

Retail Loco @ SXSW

Lee Karchawer speaks at a panel on: Measuring Location Based Ad Effectiveness

Developer Week

Anne Bezancon speaks on “How to improve your company’s culture, product, and bottom line through diversity hiring”…

Mobsta and Placecast Reveal 3-year Strategic Partnership Deal

Mobsta has entered into an exclusive 3-year license agreement with Placecast….