Research and Perspectives

Most advertisers and agencies approach mobile as an extension of their online programmatic campaigns, but beneath the surface, mobile is different in almost every way. To get the most out of mobile – often location-based – campaigns, advertisers need to know the truth and importance of those differences. They all start with the data.

The Emodo Institute was created to help mobile media planners, buyers, sellers and tech providers achieve markedly better advertising outcomes. To that end, we continually conduct research, share perspectives and prescribe solutions – all centered on the data.


Mobile's Little Secret is a Big Drag on ROI for Advertisers

Behind all of the growth and allure of location-based advertising, a secret has been looming. It’s the type of secret that impairs success and can drag the “R” from ROI. It’s also, apparently, the type of secret that lost of people know, but nobody wants to talk about… 

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