Results Matter.
Quality Data is the

Emodo delivers carrier-verified data and advertising solutions. As part of Ericsson, which powers nearly half of the world’s mobile data, voice, and text, we enjoy strong relationships with the largest mobile carriers. These partnerships produce one-of-a-kind, advertising products and data monetization solutions.

The source matters. Carrier data powered and verified.

The Emodo Smart Graph

Carrier data is a system of record for where we go and what we do on mobile devices. Because it captures everything that happens on the network, it is uniquely persistent, accurate, and scalable. We aggregate this data into a Smart Graph that includes over 2B+ unique user profiles, billions of data attributes, analytical measurement tools, and location verification capabilities. 

Emodo’s Smart Graph unlocks new ways for advertisers to more accurately find and engage audiences, publishers to increase the value of their ad inventory, and carriers to drive more revenue from their data assets. Specifically, the Emodo Ad Stack turns these capabilities in valuable and easy-to-access digital advertising tools.

Privacy-built, data-powered
and carrier-verified mobile advertising tools

The Emodo Ad Stack

These Emodo Ad Stack products allow advertisers to work the way they want to work – using their DSP, our DSP, via custom, managed service. All of the Ad Stack products can operate standalone or packaged together based on campaign needs.

    Verify data so it delivers according to plan
    Reach carrier-verified audiences advertisers won’t find anywhere else
    Measure store visits and cost per visit from advertising

Introducing: Emodo Audiences

With Emodo Audiences, advertisers use behavior and location data to reach the audiences they want with the right message. We verify those audiences for accuracy using carrier data and incorporate advanced privacy regulations and data security.

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