The Data-First Ad Marketplace​

Different by Design

By combining our unique access to carrier data with proprietary data science we’re able to offer audiences and inventory that are distinctly different from the stuff you find in other marketplaces.

Powered by Carrier Intelligence

The right impression begins with the right data. That’s why we use the world’s largest, most accurate mobile dataset – the data from mobile carriers – to enrich and verify all Emodo inventory. Throw in some highly-advanced data science, and you get something we call “Carrier Intelligence.” Actually, you get something even better:

Unlike data from SDKs, carrier data provides an independent, 360º view of audience activity

By accessing inventory that’s been filtered for accuracy, you get efficiency and confidence you otherwise wouldn’t

Machine learning fueled by carrier data identifies audiences that other providers simply can’t

Our unique access to the most robust dataset reveals audience insights with unmatched depth and detail

Who Needs Another Way to Buy Ad Inventory?

The entire ad industry. That’s who.

It’s no secret that better data drives better results, which is why it’s so unsettling that nearly 50% of today’s targeting data is wrong*. At the same time, privacy has become a top-of-mind concern for every digital marketer, which sparks lots of questions about programmatic data.

Emodo addresses inaccuracy, privacy compliance and other emerging issues that older programmatic solutions weren’t designed to handle.

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, U.S. Benchmarks and Findings, Q4 2014–Q1 2018

Emodo is the Only Marketplace That:

Processes over one trillion data points
every day to improve inventory quality

Addresses issues of global
privacy by design

Applies predictive modeling
to deliver more expansive targeting options

Wait. Predictive Modeling?

If you’re into AI, you might know that powering next-gen targeting with predictive modeling would take a massive dataset with unassailable accuracy and persistence. Bingo. That’s what we do. That’s the power of carrier intelligence.



The 5G Podcast
for Marketers

The Emodo Marketplace uses carrier intelligence to predict audience location and behavior, media performance, inventory quality and more. And that’s just the start. While the other marketplace providers duke it out for sameness, Emodo provides inventory and audience solutions you can’t find anywhere else.