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Quality, Innovation and Durable Solutions for Today’s Advertising

Who we are

Emodo is an Ericsson company. Ericsson powers just about every mobile connection in the U.S. As a leading innovator of 5G and AI solutions, Ericsson elevates human connections, capabilities and experiences in more than 150 countries around the world. Emodo harnesses that expertise, connectivity and legacy of innovation to deliver next-gen solutions for advertising and next-level customer connections for brands.

Emodo is one of the fastest-growing, independent providers of advertising solutions.

What we do

Our media, audience and creative solutions enable leading brands to think bigger and realize the full power of mobile advertising. Our solutions for publishers unlock a range of inventory monetization opportunities. Together, they provide a path-optimized, privacy-protected environment that improves the quality and performance of advertising for both buyers and sellers.

Why we’re different

We’ve rearchitected the advertising ecosystem, so it’s cleaner, more durable and makes advertising more effective for everyone involved. The Emodo platform enables peerless innovation, impact and creativity by harnessing the power of AI, 5G, augmented reality and other future-proof technologies. By applying predictive models, pre-bid, Emodo proactively identifies top-performing inventory and eliminates waste and fraud. When it comes to targeting, our AI algorithms verify the quality of audiences that have device IDs and predict the addressability of those that don’t. And, our models are trained by the most accurate data sets available – including the data from mobile networks.

How we roll

Our high-impact advertising solutions are available through every leading DSP or through Emodo Managed Service. And, everything we offer is built and backed by our proud, persnickety, world-class team.