2020 was about adopting different shopping behaviors but the holiday season felt a little more like the old normal. Click here to download the Infographic PDF.

The holiday spirit was high

Up until late November, retail foot traffic had plateaued for several months. However, Black Friday week kicked off a significant year-end surge that continued through Christmas, yet still 22% lower than the holiday shopping period of 2019.Retail-visits

Efficiency was key

Shoppers maybe traveled to the same stores as last year (same distance) but this year, not surprisingly, they spent less time inside the store.


Shopping hours got longer

In 2019 shopping took place between 10 AM and 5 PM. In 2020, health-conscious shoppers expanded that window from 9 AM to 7 PM, likely to avoid long waiting times and lingering crowds.

Retail visit heat map

Women drove the holiday surge

Early in the pandemic, men became primary shoppers. During the holiday shopping season that trend reversed.

Holiday shopping behavior by gender

What’s next?

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