Emodo Audiences

Easy access to curated, verified audiences

If data is important to digital advertising, then accurate, privacy-safe data is critical. That’s why Emodo Audiences uniquely leverages mobile carrier data to cleanse and verify data used to build accurate audience solutions.

Data matters.

Carrier verification delivers superior accuracy and privacy.

What people do and where they go are powerful signals for ad targeting. Emodo Audiences are built from robust data that includes location behavior, app usage, demographics, content consumption, and other device activity.

Then carrier data is used as a “source of truth” to filter and enhance audience data so it’s accurate and privacy-compliant. Carrier data captures everything that happens on the mobile device – up to 600 events per mobile device per day – so it is uniquely persistent, accurate, and scalable.

Finally business rules, logic, and models are applied to create verified audiences and made available the way advertisers want to buy – right from their DSP of choice or integrated into a custom package.

Audience attributes include:


Carrier data is uniquely:


Cell towers provide an accurate view into where a device is located


Only data source that captures hundreds of events for each mobile device


Unprecedented overlap with exposed audience


Census-level data originally designed for network reliability (not adtech)

The Emodo Audiences Difference:


Uses whitelisted, premium inventory from top-tier publishers

Better Performance:

Built from accurate data which drives higher engagement


Integrated with all major DSPs, also available via Managed Service DSP

Case Study

Luxury Retailer Drives 50% More Traffic with Emodo Audiences

A large luxury retailer wanted to target “Fashionistas” on mobile devices across 5 major metropolitan markets in the US. They created custom messaging to target and test Fashionista audiences from 3 vendors and Ericsson Emodo to see what performed best.

All major parameters were held consistent across the test:

— Same segment definition
— Same targeting and geofencing
— Same inventory sources
— Same sized ad unit
— Similar number of impressions

At the end of the campaign, Emodo Audiences outperformed competitor audience segments by over 50%

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