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When audience data is accurate, targeting can be more specific, creative and effective.

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Most mobile targeting data comes from SDKs and the bidstream, but that data is woefully inaccurate. By applying Carrier Intelligence, we fix that.

In fact, Emodo offers more than 500 pre-defined verified audiences – each uniquely crafted and curated – so you can more accurately target devices based on anonymized behavioral patterns and stores they’ve really visited.


Bridge Physical and Digital Behaviors

When you use carrier-verified audience data, you target audiences more accurately, based on true digital and physical behaviors. Targeting real world behaviors (like recent or frequent store visits), becomes a much more reliable proposition.

You can even target audiences at home based on their pre-pandemic shopping patterns. This can be a highly effective audience strategy for driving app downloads, communicating updated messages or driving return foot traffic at physical locations.

Combine Audiences with
Pre-Bid Inventory

Emodo also uses carrier data to identify and eliminate inaccurate inventory, pre-bid. Emodo Inventory spans a variety of compelling media and formats, including mobile display, audio, video, CTV and more.

Emodo Inventory

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Emodo inventory and audiences are uniquely powered by Carrier Intelligence and easily accessible however you prefer to buy. Emodo solutions are available through DSPs or as a managed service.

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