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Data inaccuracy is now the greatest cause of waste in digital advertising – more than viewability and fraud combined. We fix that. When data is accurate, inventory is more effective, targeting is more nuanced and insights are more actionable. Emodo inventory and audiences are uniquely powered by carrier intelligence and easily accessible three different ways.

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Private Marketplace

Private Marketplace

Verified, audience-based inventory for programmatic buyers

The Private Marketplace offers unique, verified inventory curated by verified audience attributes.

Buyers can set up private deals and customize audiences with exceptional flexibility.

DSPs can access a wide range of deal opportunities to reach guaranteed, curated, verified audiences — including performance-based, audience-enriched, real-time geo-fenced and content-curated deals.

Private Marketplace

Open Marketplace

High-value, verified inventory for demand-side platforms

The Emodo Open Marketplace provides unique opportunities for demand side platforms. It enables our DSP partners to offer one-of-a-kind, quality-distinguished inventory packages.

Emodo ad inventory is carrier-verified pre-bid and enhanced with accuracy scoring data. That data is specially designed to enable DSPs to shape and customize higher-quality, carrier-verified inventory options in real time.

Private Marketplace

Managed Marketplace

Our signature inventory, audiences and in-house expertise

Through the Emodo Managed Marketplace you can have our team of experts to curate carrier-verified inventory and audiences to your specifications.

The Emodo team can customize audiences, manage campaigns and provide advanced reporting. And, if you’d like, you can even have our Creative Team develop beautifully engaging content for your campaign.

The Emodo Difference

Pre-bid Inventory That Eliminates Waste and Fraud

Get better results with carrier-verified ad inventory

The data from mobile carriers is the most accurate, most persistent data available. By applying carrier data (as a truth set), Emodo has the unique ability to identify and eliminate inaccurate inventory in real time – before DSP bidding begins. Only Emodo inventory is carrier-verified. That’s why it’s the most accurate inventory available.

Accurate, Innovative Audiences

Accurately reach the right consumers when and where it matters

Most mobile targeting data comes from SDKs and the bidstream, but that data is woefully inaccurate. By applying carrier intelligence, we fix that. In fact, Emodo offers hundreds of pre-defined carrier-verified audiences – each uniquely crafted and curated from verified device profiles – so you can more accurately target devices based on stores they’ve really visited (and other behavioral patterns).

Uniquely Insightful Consumer Intelligence

Discover new, actionable details about your customers

Emodo’s data-rich device profiles reveal a wealth of revelatory consumer location and behavioral patterns. Emodo Visit Intelligence Reports provide a holistic, uniquely detailed view of where customers go and what they do – powerful intelligence that can inform new strategies pre-campaign and reveal foot-traffic and other lift metrics, post-campaign.