Emodo Measurement

Connect Ad Exposure to Store Visits and Revenue

For brands that deliver products and services in the physical world, it’s critical to demonstrate that advertising drives store visits. Emodo Measurement accurately links mobile ads to visits, providing advertisers with a view into the ROI of their ad spend.

Accuracy matters.

Smart attribution must connect ads
to the right physical locations.

When it comes to mobile advertising, there is often uncertainty about attribution. Store visit measurement demands a combination of highly accurate location data and detailed campaign insights.

Emodo Measurement determines devices that are exposed to an ad, and the location history of devices is measured against anonymized profiles to provide insights into visits. Then the rate at which devices were found in proximity to stores is calculated to give advertisers insight into the ROI of their mobile ad spend.

Real-time performance insights with campaign ROI reporting provides advertisers the power to determine:


which creative performs best


what specific media performs best


which audience segments are most brand loyal

The Emodo Measurement Difference:

Performance Data

— Measure performance data
— View a list of most visited stores
— Gain insights into store visit lift, including CPV

Audience Insights

— Learn who visits stores and makes purchases
— See top POIs visited
— Discover most popular store visit days and times

Media Insights

Determine which app categories perform best
Learn which OS and devices drive the most visits

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