Greater Yield. Exclusive Opportunities.

Increase revenues, eCPMs and fill rates – and always get paid on time – with the programmatic platform built for impact and innovation.

Greater Yield. Exclusive Opportunities.

Increase your revenues, eCPMs and fill rates. Bolster your in-house ad sales with the programmatic platform that reaches the world’s biggest advertisers through both an impressive direct sales force and through every major DSP.

Axonix is Now Part of Emodo.

We recently announced our acquisition of the Axonix exchange and SSP. The Axonix SSP is now fully integrated into the Emodo platform. For publishers, that means opportunity!

Complement your in-house ad sales with the programmatic platform that offers unique demand and reaches hundreds of mobile advertisers through a world-class direct sales team and every leading DSP.

A Peerless Approach That Powers Demand.

Emodo Supply is the go-to inventory source for world-renowned, results-focused advertisers time after time, campaign after campaign. That’s not by chance, it’s by choice, because Emodo Supply is uniquely enriched for accuracy, relevance and opportunity – a distinct difference that drives standout results.

Built for Innovation.

As an Ericsson company, mobile innovation and expertise are in our DNA. Our platform is designed for the future of advertising, not the past. So, there is no shortage of new capabilities for our publisher partners, for example:

Unique immersive AR ad units
Actionable insights about your audiences
Data-informed inventory packaging that aligns with buyer needs
Quality-assurance algorithms that brighten that halo over your brand
An end-to-end platform that streamlines programmatic supply and demand

The Revel is in the Details.

When it comes to relationships, Ericsson Emodo puts the unity in opportunity. We pay attention to the details that are often overlooked by others – things like on-time payment, easy workflow integration, continuous innovation and support for standards, like header bidding.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you build your business, look no further than Emodo.

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