Emodo Supply

Verified Mobile Inventory

Data inaccuracies lead to media that miss the mark and waste dollars. Emodo Supply filters media sources, resulting in clean, reliable inventory that dramatically improves ROI.

Data matters.

Carrier verification delivers superior accuracy and efficiency.

What would you rather drink – filtered or dirty water? Filtered, obviously. So then why use unfiltered media?
Digital media is full of impurities – more than one might think. In a recent study, it was found that 57% of data found in exchanges is inaccurate. Even specialty data vendors who filter data still had inaccuracies of 33% on average. More shocking was that inaccuracy for specialty data vendors ranged from as little as 12% to as much as 88%.
Data inaccuracy translates into wasted media dollars. Emodo Supply uses mobile carrier data to filter data for inaccuracies. The result? More accurate, better performing programmatic inventory.

Media impurities

*Source: Placecast analysis of data from multiple sources, Summer 2017

Removing waste requires a truth set.

Carrier data is uniquely qualified.


100% accurate system of record for all mobile activity


200-650 locates per device per day


135M+ devices


Data used in aggregate full compliance with all FCC guidelines

Emodo Supply - Putting carrier data to work

Carrier data verifies and filters data by providing a source of truth.

Data Verification

Multiple sources of data – including bidstream data – are run through our proprietary carrier-verification process for evaluation and verification. 


Real-time Filtering

Media that demonstrates inaccuracies and impurities – bad location, bots, poor performing inventory – are filtered out in real-time.


Clean Programmatic Supply

Accurate, better performing inventory minimizes media waste and maximizes ROI. 


The Power of Verified Supply

A major CPG brand ran a campaign using open, non-verified supply with no optimization. 40% of the media was delivered outside of 5 miles.

For the second and third weeks of the campaign, media was optimized using Emodo’s proprietary pre-bid algorithm, the first in the industry to predict inreal-time the accuracy and quality of individual bid requests. Bid requests were filtered and optimized with increasing stringency using the pre-bid algorithm so only media that is likely to be accurate would be used for campaigns. 

The campaign showed a noticeable decrease in inaccuracy and media waste. Overall the brand saw a 28% lift in accuracy between the first and third weeks of the campaign.

Optimization improves accuracy