The Better,
The Bigger.

Emodo Supply: Better inventory that makes a bigger impact.

The Better,
The Bigger.

Emodo Supply starts with better inventory, so it makes a bigger impact.

Emodo Supply is Better Supply. Here’s Why . . .

Emodo Supply meets a higher quality standard. We start with carefully curated, top-tier media. Then we apply our predictive performance algorithms – AI models that identify the most effective impression opportunities for each client and each campaign objective. Specifically, Emodo models verify media accuracy, minimize IVT fraud and eliminate waste. And Emodo Supply spans every screen and channel.

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The Remedy for Data Fraud, IVT and More.

Did you know, poor data quality costs marketers 21% of every media dollar spent?* Or, that inaccurate bid stream data causes more waste than invalid traffic and viewability issues combined?

Emodo addresses all three.

*Forrester Research

Every Mobile Channel… and Then Some.

Mix, match and sequence multiple media and formats for maximum impact. Whether you’re looking to engage audiences via mobile display, video, audio or CTV, Emodo Supply is your go-to inventory source.

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Direct From our Publisher Partners

By working directly with publishers and aligning packages with buyer needs, we’re able to bring more effective, more innovative opportunities to our advertisers.

Full Service or Self-Service

However you prefer to buy, via DSP or through managed service, our team and tech identify the best-performing inventory, pre-bid. From there, we continually monitor and optimize to your KPIs and highlight opportunities for sharpening your campaign and strategy.