Emodo Verification

Assess and enhance ad, audience, and
attribution accuracy with carrier data

Advertisers love data but are concerned about the quality of that data. For the first time, with Emodo Verification, advertisers can confirm the accuracy of location data used for mobile ads, audiences, and attribution.

Quality matters.

The only carrier-verified location
verification solution.

An estimated $20.7 billion will be spent on location-targeted mobile ads in the U.S. this year. While 96% of marketers consider location data to be important, 80% have expressed concern about the quality of that data. Not surprisingly, studies show at least a third of location data – and often times more – is inaccurate, resulting in wasted media spend.

Emodo Verification uses carrier data – the largest source of location, movement, and mobile device usage – as a source of truth to cleanse and verify location data so it’s accurate and privacy-compliant. Compared to other types of location data quality checking strategies, carrier data is unmatched.

Emodo Verification enables advertisers to:


Foster open dialogue with vendors to ensure continuous improvement and efficient campaign spend


Leverage actionable insights to minimize media waste and maximize ROI


Ensure accuracy of audience segments and visit tracking by verifying location data

The Emodo Verification Difference:

Real-time Campaign Optimization

Optimize by publisher, location vendor, placement, segment, or creative to maximize campaign KPIs.

Audience Segment Verification

Filter historical store visits that could not have occurred and don’t qualify a user to be in a segment.

Cost-Per-Visit Verification

Ensure CPV price is set based on accurate data, and pay for visits that actually occurred.


A national retail store designed a mobile campaign to target consumers within 5 miles of five stores in Florida. The targeting used lat/long data from programmatic bid requests to show an ad with location relevant messaging to consumers within 5 miles of the selected Florida stores.

With Emodo Verification, the brand learned that over 45% of their ads were delivered to consumers outside of the 5 mile geotarget. In fact, a significant percentage of impressions were delivered outside of the state of Florida. The results varied by provider and helped the brand to form an optimization strategy for future marketing efforts.

The metrics provided the brand with visibility into media efficiency and insights on how to build better customer engagement with location targeted ads.

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