The Emodo Marketplace

Audience and Inventory Powered by Carrier Intelligence

Are You Serious?

Emodo is the only mobile advertising marketplace powered by carrier intelligence. And, that’s kind of a big deal, especially if you’re serious about:

  • Finding highly-accurate inventory within and across different apps
  • Applying predictive modeling to mobile targeting
  • Reducing waste (both budget and impressions)
  • Eliminating data fraud from bloated targeting segments.

The Data-First Mobile Marketplace

Data-first means that all Emodo audiences and inventory are meticulously verified against the largest, most accurate dataset available – the data from mobile carriers. We’ve basically inserted a quality-assurance checkpoint, pre-bid, so you don’t end up buying black-box junk.  

How Does it Work?

The Emodo Marketplace has three different sides. You can bid directly on carrier-verified inventory within an Open Marketplace or access custom, targeted inventory within a Private Marketplace. Alternatively, Emodo experts can help you curate and customize solutions by way of our Managed Marketplace.

Open Marketplace
The industry’s only carrier-verified, biddable inventory.

Private Marketplace
The leading marketplace for targeted, verified inventory.

Managed Marketplace
The data-first team of audience curation specialists.

Emodo for DSPs & Trading Desks
It’s easy to connect to
the Emodo Mobile Ad Marketplace.

Emodo for Publishers
By enriching inventory with carrier intelligence,
we increase its value and improve yield.