Odds are, General Mills brands are part of your childhood memories and on your kitchen shelves right now. Haagen Dazs? Yoplait? Cheerios? How about my favorite, Cinnamon Toast Crunch? But how does a 150-year-old company sustain its brands while also continuously innovating to thrive in a fast-changing world?

To answer that question, we met with Jay Picconatto, General Mills’ head of media and commerce, along with Michael Stich from General Mill’s innovation agency, Court Avenue. Jay tells us about the “Kitchen of the Future,” plus how to achieve transformative innovation in a traditional company. He also walks us through the increasingly intertwined nature of physical and digital grocery, and how General Mills plans its data future in the face of privacy changes and the indirect relationship with most end consumers that’s typical of CPG marketers.

Jay shares openly that he doesn’t have all the answers — today. That’s the hallmark of a true innovator – insatiably curious and driven to push past limits, yet knowing there’s always further to go. It’s also a reflection of a true culture of innovation – the freedom to say we’re still working it out.

Take a listen to Season 3 Episode 3 of FIVE: Innovation for Marketers, “General Mills’ Kitchen of the Future.