San Francisco, CA – WEBWIRE – Friday, October 21, 2016

San Francisco, Calif.–October 21, 2016–Placecast, the industry’s leading enterprise-grade platform for location data and advertising, today announced the grant of two patents that solidify their position in location data management and targeting. The company also unveiled its latest product, Placecast Native which combines the seamless content-driven experience of native advertising with the additional context of location and audience targeting. The two patents not only directly cover the technology used in this new product but also impact the industry as a whole.

As a pioneer in the field of location data management, these patents – filed in 2008 – were recently granted and cover targeting via third party data. With Patent #9,390,136 Placecast has the ability to manage location data collected from multiple sources and associate source IDs and content within a specified area. Patent #9,378,507 covers the ability to location-target a consumer based on a multitude of place and time data, and make targeted ad decisions based on that information.

With these and other previously granted patents in tow, Placecast is launching Placecast Native, making them one of the first to allow companies to reach the most relevant consumers at the right place and time on mobile. Though native ad campaigns are now widely deployed, many underperform because of the lack of relevancy and context. According to a study conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, an overwhelming 90 percent of marketers feel relevancy is a concern when it comes to creating their native ad campaigns, and relevancy is most effectively addressed through location targeting.

Unlike other offerings, adding the location layer ensures that consumers receive highly relevant and engaging content without interrupting the standard app experience. These ads follow the default visual and functional experience of the app in which they’re placed, while only delivering content to users within a geofenced location to ensure accurate targets. Moreover, advertisers will now be able to add dynamic content into the ad itself to customize fields like nearest store location, distance to nearby store, current time, and many more. Additional benefits include:

  • Higher viewer engagement: Delivers relevant content based on location, resulting in higher engagement rates.
  • Re-usable and scalable content: Allows advertisers to create a single set of creative assets that can be dynamically re-assembled for various apps and native ad formats. This is the only solution on the market to give native advertisers such granular control over every aspect of the ad content.
  • Customizable dynamic messaging: Allows advertisers to personalize every aspect of the ad content – everything from location by region and neighborhood to current day and related promotion.
  • Ability to reach more customers