By David DiAngelo, Vice-President Of Global Marketplace Development at Emodo

The digital advertising world is always in a state of fast-paced evolution, but the last couple of years have brought especially significant change to the industry.

The change we’re seeing is happening at the most foundational level, as so many of the tactics and tools advertisers and publishers have historically relied on will simply not be available far into the future. Privacy concerns continue to grow among users and among legislatures and regulatory bodies around the world. Among the most impactful changes is the sunsetting of third-party cookies.

Publishers are facing the imperative of monetizing their inventory and audiences in a future full of uncertainty. As the first quarter of 2023 wraps up, we’re seeing some trends emerge on how publishers are rising to the occasion.

Through the remainder of this year, we can expect to see continued emphasis on three specific areas of advertising: seller-defined audiences, contextual and native advertising, and predictive audiences.

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