San Francisco, CA – WEBWIRE – Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ericsson Emodo, Ericsson’s mobile advertising and monetization platform, today launched Emodo Audiences, making carrier-verified audience solutions available in the U.S. for the first time. The product uses highly accurate data at scale to pre-verify mobile audiences and inventory, then make it available via any major demand side platform (DSP). It comes on the heels of Emodo Verification, an independent verification tool that uses carrier data to validate the accuracy of ad campaigns. With Emodo Audiences, that same technology is applied prior to the start of a campaign, so that clean, filtered data is combined with verified accurate supply. As such, advertisers can be confident that they’re reaching their intended audiences with the right messages, making for better return on investment.

The product debuts at a time when there are major quality concerns with both the media and the data in today’s digital advertising. Although the advertising industry has been trying to combat media quality issues like fraud and viewability, it has largely neglected to address data quality issues. Despite the importance of relevant targeting in the attention economy, inaccurate data has led to billions of dollars in wasted ad spend. With mobile ad fraud on the rise, it is all the more important to find a trustworthy source of data to ensure the accuracy of campaigns.

Using large-scale carrier data as a truth set to clean, verify, and filter other datasets for accuracy, Emodo Audiences allows advertisers to access privacy-compliant audience segments and verified inventory. Not only does it unlock ad optimization potential, but also increases transparency in the space. In fact, the product is unique in that it can take full advantage of in-app media from across the Internet, and does not limit the buyer to walled gardens.

“Data quality is an issue across the entire ad ecosystem. By verifying campaigns against an independent truth set of carrier data, marketers have the ultimate flexibility to create highly targeted, accurate custom segments at scale with mobile-originated data signals,” says Paul Cheng, GM of Ericsson Emodo. “We’re proud to use Ericsson’s extensive network and deep relationships with telco providers to help our customers gain a unique advantage for audience targeting.”

The foundation of the product is robust and privacy-compliant data linked to real-world behaviors and visits to locations, including SDK and app data, beacon data, and historical location behavior of a mobile device. Emodo then deploys anonymized and aggregated data from carriers as a truth set — essentially, a “yes or no” check — to verify and filter the accuracy of this data. Carrier data is uniquely qualified as a persistent, accurate, and scalable data source, in that it captures everything that happens on the mobile device — up to 600 events per device per day.

Using this methodology and applying the carrier data as a truth set, inaccurate data is weeded out and the same verification is applied to supply, delivering better results and increased return on marketing spend. Without the need for personally identifiable information, user privacy remains wholly intact. Only then are business rules, logic, and models applied to the clean, verified data to create audience segments.

Advertisers can use Emodo Audiences as a standalone product, or as part of the the Emodo Ad Stack, a suite of brand-safe products powered by carrier data, developed to solve the most challenging mobile advertising problems. Ultimately, Emodo Audiences reduces buying friction because it can be activated through the DSP of their choice, Emodo’s DSP, or run on as a managed service.

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About Ericsson Emodo

Ericsson Emodo provides carrier-verified advertising, information, and monetization solutions. It delivers data solutions that help advertisers more accurately find and engage audiences, publishers increase the value of their ad inventory, and carriers drive more revenue from their data assets. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ericsson, a world leader in communications technology and services, Ericsson Emodo operates a secure, anonymized, privacy-by-design database of carrier-verified data enhanced by additional quality datasets in order provide advertising solutions across the digital advertising ecosystem and data solutions to an array of partners and industries.