Have you checked out the FIVE podcast yet? FIVE is the podcast that cuts through the 5G hype and breaks down what’s real for marketers. Each episode dives into topics that may be consequential to marketers, especially in a 5G world. Join us as we examine the technical, consumer and marketing impacts of 5G on retail, data, privacy programmatic advertising and more.

The FIVE podcast is hosted by Jake Moskowitz, head of the Emodo Institute. Each episode features multiple industry guests, thought-leading marketers, analysts and media insiders, who’ve already ventured well down their respective 5G paths.

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A new episode of FIVE – The 5G Podcast for Marketers comes out every couple of weeks. Each episode is a quick, but enriching snack – around 25 insightful minutes. It’s a perfect companion on your next run, drive or walk. You can listen to all of the available episodes here. Better yet, pull up the FIVE podcast on your favorite listening platform and subscribe. FIVE is available on Apple, Google, Stitcher, Spotify and other podcast platforms.

More Details About the Episodes & Guests

In the first episode, Jake and his guests dive into the what, when and why of 5G and discuss its real near-term benefits for both consumers and marketers. To set the stage for the episodes that follow, Jake introduces the five upcoming shifts that every marketer should know about before 5G gains traction.

Episode #2 dives deep into the augmented and virtual reality experiences that will finally become viable and mainstream as a result of 5G. Jake and his guests explore the opportunities and potential of extended reality for marketers.

Episode #3 explores the impact of 5G on the smart home and IoT, from both the consumer and marketing perspective. How will the explosion of IoT devices and sensors impact marketing opportunities in the connected home and out in the 5G world? Jake and his guests offer some fascinating insights and perspectives.

Here are some of the guests who’ve appeared in the first three episodes:

The FIVE podcast is presented by Ericsson Emodo and the Emodo Institute.