In this episode of FIVE, Jake explores the consumer and marketing potential of augmented and virtual reality in a 5G world. He talks about the impact of edge computing on next-gen XR devices with Peter Linder of Ericsson and the near-term extended reality opportunities for marketers with Yory Wurmser of eMarketers. Lauren Stearly of Starcom chimes in on xenials, impatient millennials and the exciting technologies that are standing by, just waiting for a better network (5G). Jake discusses AR and VR experiences and their marketing potential with Michael Stich of VML Y&R.


  • Lauren Stearley, Associate Director of Programmatic at Starcom Worldwide
  • Michael Stich, Chief Business Officer at VMLY&R
  • Peter Linder, VP of 5G Marketing at Ericsson
  • Yory Wurmser, Principal / Mobile Analyst at eMarketer

FIVE – The 5G Podcast for Marketers
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