E3: Redefining the Connected Home and IoT


Jake Moskowitz explores the internet of things in the connected home and beyond.

In this episode of FIVE, Jake and his guests look at the technical, consumer and marketing aspects of IoT in a 5G world. Peter Linder and Yory Wurmser discuss the ins and outs of 5G fixed wireless access — the new super-fast broadband internet service coming soon from mobile carriers. Michael Stich paints a vivid picture of tomorrow’s smart home, adds marketing highlights and frames it all in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Jake and Michael debate IoT opportunities for 5G-ready marketers. Allison Schiff talks Turkey about real time out-of-home advertising and OOH attribution in the 5G future.

The FIVE List:
Even though the market for home and IoT devices is already pretty warm, 5G is expected to light a fire under the whole industry — for good reason. Actually, five good reasons. And they’ll all have an impact on digital marketing and brands considering IoT strategies:

  1. 5G will broaden the market for IoT devices and services by increasing the number of users with high speed internet
  2. 5G is designed to connect exponentially more devices than previous mobile generations – millions in a square mile
  3. 5G will enable a direct connection of some IoT devices to the mobile carrier
  4. The low latency and high speed of 5G will make some devices and services more usable, powerful and compelling
  5. 5G will connect lots of other devices well beyond the home


  • Peter Linder, VP of 5G Marketing at Ericsson
  • Allison Schiff, Senior Editor at AdExchanger
  • Michael Stich, Chief Business Officer at VML Y&R
  • Yory Wurmser, Principal / Mobile Analyst at eMarketer

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