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Episode seven of the FIVE podcast looks at the ugly side of programmatic advertising and addresses a question that has recently been popping up more and more often: Will 5G make websites and apps load faster and eliminate the delays caused by programmatic advertising? Some industry insiders believe 5G is the answer. Others believe 5G will Read More
5G will be transformative, no doubt. For media and consumer-facing businesses, however, True 5G readiness may require a broader technology perspective and a more encompassing strategy.  In his latest article on Forbes.com, Emodo General Manager Alistair Goodman provides a bigger picture view of 5G for businesses and suggests some early steps to consider now. The article Read More
The new episode of FIVE – The 5G Podcast for Marketers explores the ways privacy policy may affect digital marketing in the 5G world…and vice-versa. Looking for more information on new privacy policies? Episode 6: “The New Privacy Conundrum”, is dedicated entirely to a one-on-one interview between Jake Moskowitz, the show’s host, and Kelly Anderson, an Read More
The Shifting Shape of Data, the fifth episode of our podcast just dropped. If you want to know how 5G is going to reshape the data marketers use for targeting and other endeavors, this episode is for you. Jake and his guests explore the big shifts that are on the horizon. Here are some of Read More