Anne Bezancon, Founder and President of Placecast, spoke at DeveloperWeek today, around the topic: “How to improve your company’s culture, product, and bottom line through diversity hiring”. 

According to Diversity Inc.’s latest report, more diverse companies achieve higher bottom lines. In fact, the public companies listed as the most diverse beat the Dow Jones Industrial Average on a one, three, and five year basis. For most companies and startups, however, diversity is still a huge problem.

As part of the 2.9% female leaders in ad tech, Anne Bezancon had some thought-provoking ideas on how to define diversity, why diversity matters, and how diversity hiring can improve everything from company culture to product usability and bottom lines.

Check out the full presentation deck on SlideShare

Here are a few key highlighted messages from the presentation:

  • Diversity is about Perspective
  • Diversity hiring requires self-awareness
  • Watch for unconscious bias
  • Critical mass matters