Last week, Emodo CEO and industry expert Alistair Goodman joined Marketecture for an in-depth discussion around Emodo’s specialized offerings, including its integrated platform, predictive audiences, and innovative formats. To start, Alistair was able to share a brief history about Emodo and its relationship with parent company, Ericsson, and then turned to what makes Emodo stand out in the advertising technology ecosystem.

Carrier Data to Inform AI Models

Alistair helped explain that the relationship with Emodo’s parent company, Ericsson, provides unique advantages that help Emodo stand out against the competition. These advantages include Ericsson’s position as a market leader around 5G and mobile, as well as its commitment to the innovation of data, science, and machine learning.

Emodo has exclusive access to Ericsson network data, which powers 80% of the mobile network in the US. It uses that unique network and carrier data, non-deterministically, along with AI expertise to run predictive models to power solutions that solve for marketers’ waste in ways no one else can or does. This also helps solve for ID loss by leveraging carrier data to power AI that scales audiences to non-ID inventory.

Ease of Buying

With Emodo, advertisers are able to buy the way they want to buy, whether that be via managed service, curated deals via PMPs, or through the open auction. These buying options keep Emodo multi-faceted while competing in a number of categories.

Innovative Formats

Alistair also provides an overview of the innovative creative formats that Emodo offers, and the different technology that powers them, including AI. Additionally, Emodo has introduced Adapt, it’s new native ad unit that leverages rich media to offer creative you can feel. These proprietary units have resulted in increased engagement metrics and overall performance, from a combination of automated animations and effects.

Interested in hearing more of Alistair’s thoughts around how Emodo helps its customers drive impact and performance through advertising, what animal he thinks Emodo would be, and what he’s optimistic about in the adtech industry? Then head over to the Marketecture website to listen to the entire podcast if you’re a subscriber, or catch the 5-minute preview otherwise!