Prestigious Annual Awards Program Recognizes Standout Marketing, Advertising and Sales Technology Around the World

We are thrilled to share that MarTech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global marketing, sales and advertising technology industry, selected Emodo as the winner of the “Best Programmatic Marketing Platform” award for our Carrier Intelligence technology in the third annual MarTech Breakthrough Awards program.

Emodo Carrier Intelligence

Emodo’s Carrier Intelligence technology applies expansive datasets from mobile carriers to address the most egregious advertising inventory quality problems and assure the highest efficiency in a programmatic exchange. The Carrier Intelligence technology employs a proprietary algorithm, an inventive data solution that was developed with the goal of eliminating waste and opacity in programmatic advertising.

Emodo’s unique approach provides buyers with the most accurate inventory and audiences. By comparing usage patterns against the highly persistent, accurate data, it eliminates invalid traffic (IVT), and other inaccurate data. Using these data sets that can’t be found anywhere else, Emodo enables significant improvements in accuracy and performance of both media and audiences. And, as a pre-bid function, it does so at the point of decisioning.

MarTech Breakthrough Awards

The mission of the MarTech Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of marketing, sales and advertising technology related categories, including marketing automation, market research and customer experience, AdTech, SalesTech, marketing analytics, content and social marketing, mobile marketing and many more. This year’s program attracted more than 2,750 nominations from over 15 different countries throughout the world.

“Improving data accuracy leads to a ripple effect with campaigns being more targeted, strategic, creative and ultimately more effective. Carrier data is the most accurate and complete system of record of mobile activity and Emodo’s breakthrough platform is enabling marketers to achieve better campaign results and reduce wasted spend and gain actionable consumer insights. We extend a huge congratulations to the whole team at Ericsson Emodo for taking home the ‘Best Programmatic Marketing Platform’ for our 2020 MarTech Breakthrough Awards program.”

—James Johnson, Managing Director at MarTech Breakthrough 

Emodo’s approach is the first to use carrier data as a truth set to identify and eliminate inaccuracy in inventory and audiences within a common programmatic framework – marking a significant evolution in the application of real-time machine learning in programmatic advertising.