Resource launched is first-ever mobile wallet offering last week at the Open Brand Summit. The Resource Wallet framework is built using Placecast’s ShopAlert Wallet APIs that were unveiled by Alistair Goodman, CEO of Placecast, earlier this year at the Apps world event.

According to Resource, “The Resource Mobile Wallet Framework is showcased in the context of Dalee, a lifestyle retailer we invented for the purpose. The framework is scalable and adaptable tot he loyalty and payment programs of any retail or CPG client, and can be delivered as a standalone application or integrated into an existing app.”

The ShopAlerts APIs offer a variety of capabilities, a few of which include:

  • Location Management: Merchants can manage their locations and content, identifying location duplicates and matching locations across different data sources
  • User Management: subscribers can easily opt-in and opt-out of programs and manage their preferences to receive relevant offers.
  • Push Messaging: brands and agencies can send real-time notifications to subscribers with offers and reminders, when they are inside of geofenced locations.
  • Pull Messaging: applications such as the wallet can be deployed with search capability where subscribers can search for nearby offers and list them on a map or a list.

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