We are excited to share that Emodo has been recognized as a 2021 Programmatic Power Player: a definitive list of the top agencies and strategic partners. AdExchanger’s Programmatic Power Players is a digital marketing guide to the best agencies, tech providers, and partners in the business. We are proud to be handpicked as one of the 76 top strategic partners in the world, based on the strength and breadth of our offerings, case studies, and client references.

AdExchanger has recognized Emodo in the categories of  Programmatic Strategy and Mobile. According to AdExchanger, Emodo uniquely offers a “reliable truth set” for identity resolution because of its exclusive access to mobile telco and network data. This allows programmatic buyers and sellers to test out the feasibility of new online advertising identifiers to help them optimize for the best results.

Both programmatic strategy and mobile reliability are things Emodo has worked hard for these recent years. Our proprietary Carrier Intelligence technology applies expansive datasets from mobile carriers to assure the highest efficiency in programmatic exchange. Being the first to use carrier data as a truth set within a common programmatic framework, Emodo has marked a new era in digital marketing for real time machine learning.

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