Advanced AI optimization supercharged Emodo’s native ad offerings; will do the same for CTV

SAN FRANCISCO — Advanced AI optimization is coming to CTV ads. That’s the word from Emodo, the company that brought advanced AI optimization first to display ads, with Adapt Native Display, and then to native video ads, with Adapt Native Video. The runaway success of the latter two ad formats — spending on Emodo Adapt Native Display went up 869% in a year, while Emodo Adapt Native Video rose nearly 50% in just three months prompted Emodo to staff up for a new focus on CTV.

Emodo’s new hires include its 

  • VP of Ad Innovation Janice Byron, who was Principal Designer at Yahoo
  • VP of Engineering Song Du, formerly of FreeWheel, where he was VP of Engineering, R&D
  • VP of Product Marketing Amy Guenel, who held the same title at Nexxen
  • Senior Director of Publisher Development – CTV Steve Reich, who had been IRIS.TV’s Head of Publisher Development
  • Senior Director of Product Nilesh Dhawale, who hails from Verve, where he directed Product, Supply & CTV  

“Emodo Adapt Native Display and then Adapt Native Video introduced our customers to the powerful combination of advanced AI optimization and innovative ad formats,” said Emodo CEO Alistair Goodman. “Given the increased performance these units yield, demand has increased exponentially. Between increased interest in dynamically optimized advertising and the continued growth opportunities in CTV, we’ve recently augmented our team with five top-notch hires to bring advanced AI optimization to CTV. CTV offers an unprecedented opportunity to reach consumers. Our new hires know how to use AI and CTV in combination to make the most of that opportunity for our clients.”  

Emodo Adapt, a rich and dynamically-optimized native ad offering, drives increased engagement and higher impact for brands and advertisers. Adapt native ads are built via Emodo’s creative rendering engine, which has the ability to layer on various effects, including loading, image, text, calls-to-action, layouts and styling to create limitless permutations of an ad unit. Emodo Adapt Native Video drove the following gains: 

  • 113% better Attention (time spent) vs. display
  • 35% better Attention vs. ordinary native video
  • 29% higher Completion Rate vs. ordinary native video
  • 55% higher Ad Recall vs. display
  • 13% higher Brand Recall vs. ordinary native video

Emodo leverages its AI-powered dynamic optimizer to understand the most optimal features and generate captivating designs for publishers and their audiences. Emodo’s new hires will bring this cutting-edge technology to CTV, along with innovative, one-of-a-kind creative ad formats. 

Insider Intelligence reports that 70% of the U.S. population is already watching CTV. Because brands are drawn to CTV’s large screen size and household prominence, Insider Intelligence forecasts Connected TV ad spending to reach $30.1 billion in 2024, 22.4% in annual growth. 

About Emodo

Emodo helps advertisers and publishers create memorable connections with consumers through more relevant, rewarding and impactful advertising. Its intelligent exchange puts creative first, enabling advertisers to build brand love through rich, dynamic advertising experiences informed by the latest AI and a deep understanding of consumer sentiment. Emodo Adapt, an exclusive advanced native ad format, outperforms alternative programmatic solutions through a better approach to contextual relevance, creative personalization and KPI optimization. As an Ericsson company, Emodo benefits from a wide range of research, innovation, and access to mobile operators that helps it deliver better outcomes to clients and make the unimaginable possible.

Emodo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ericsson, which enables communications service providers and enterprises to capture the full value of connectivity. It is designed to help customers go digital, increase efficiency and find new revenue streams. Ericsson’s innovation investments have delivered the benefits of mobility and mobile broadband to billions of people globally. To learn more, visit