With demand for Emodo’s Adapt Native Display up 1,600%, the intelligent exchange applies its winning formula to video, and, in early metrics, significantly outperforms all competing formats.

SAN FRANCISCO – [November 10, 2023] – Brands and agencies looking for a great way to reach consumers have a new tool: Adapt Native Video, which launched today from Emodo, the intelligent exchange that creates more memorable connections through personal, relevant and rewarding advertising experiences. 

Adapt Native, which launched last year with display, is a rich, dynamically-optimized native ad offering that drives increased engagement and higher impact for brands and advertisers. Now available in a sophisticated video solution, Adapt Native Video delivers a richer and smarter alternative to standard native video ads by seamlessly blending sight, sound, and motion video with advanced AI optimization to enhance advertiser performance at scale. In a controlled study of 250+ people in advance of the launch, Emodo Adapt Native Video significantly outperformed all other tested formats. Adapt Native Video marks the first foray into proprietary video formats by Emodo and follows on the heels of its successful Adapt Native Display format.

“Chemistry is ecstatic about the results of our Adapt Native Display campaign with Emodo,” said Chemistry Agency Associate Media Director Katherine Lancaster. “Not only have we seen improved cost efficiencies and engagement, but Emodo has been flexible with our client’s needs and goals, including partnering to develop a fully robust reporting system to enhance our client’s content strategy. We look forward to expanding our Chemistry footprint with Adapt Native Video in the future.”   

Adapt Native Video leverages Emodo’s proprietary creative rendering engine to dynamically enrich native video ads with automated animations and effects. These enhancements are applied to essential creative components like standard video files, static logos, titles, description text and CTAs and are AI-optimized against advertiser KPIs to drive greater performance for key metrics such as Attention, Ad Recall, Brand Recall, and Click-Through-Rates (CTR). 

Emodo applied Persuasion Art’s Creative Attention Effectiveness methodology to measure the impact that the Adapt Native Video creative format has on Attention and Recall (as a measure of memorability) in a controlled experiment. The new format significantly outperformed all other tested formats. Among the results, Emodo Adapt Native Video drove: 

  • 113% better Attention (time spent) vs. display 
  • 35% better Attention vs. native video
  • 29% higher Completion Rate vs. native video
  • 55% higher Ad Recall vs. display 
  • 13% higher Brand Recall vs. native video

Among the successes Adapt Native Display has delivered for advertisers since its October 2022 launch are the following:

  • 11% higher Attention compared to Static Native Ads for a CPG brand
  • 3.2X higher Clickthrough Rate (CTR) compared to Static Native Ads for a leading automotive brand
  • 5.8X lower Cost per Store Visit (CPSV) compared to the Foursquare benchmark for a quick-service restaurant

As a result, demand for the product has surged 1,603% year-over-year. Advertiser appetite for video advertising solutions from Emodo has also surged, with a 386% year-over-year increase in video advertising spend through the Emodo Exchange. 

“The market told us there would be strong demand for the next iteration of Emodo’s advertising solutions, Adapt Native Video,” said Emodo CEO Alistair Goodman. “So we’re taking the next step in brand engagement, delivering even more impactful advertising experiences. Adapt Native Video embodies our commitment to immersive, dynamic ads that captivate audiences across a variety of ad formats on all digital platforms.”

This story appeared first in MediaPost.