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The Way Forward

The Emodo Institute helps advertisers and publishers think forward by shining a light on innovation and the changes ahead.

The Institute conducts studies, publishes papers, and teaches specialized courses to help media buyers and sellers overcome the issues that affect the quality and impact of mobile advertising.

I have to say out of all of the webinars I’ve been attending lately, Emodo has put on some of the most professional & prepared presentations with actual interesting takeaways . . . The Emodo Institute is knowledgeable on important topics–it’s a great breath of fresh air to listen to/watch!

-Sr. Manager, 360i

Insightful Courses for Forward-Thinking Teams

A Roadmap to the Future of Data

In this free course, you and your team will:

  • Learn about new factors that will impact data quality, availability and models

  • Understand how advertising data will be reshaped by technology and regulation

  • Develop key strategies for turning these changes into competitive advantages