About the Emodo Institute

The Emodo Institute is wholly focused on the research, education and resolution of the mobile data concerns that challenge advertising effectiveness. Our team conducts studies, publishes papers, and teaches specialized courses to help media buyers, sellers, and solution providers apply practices that dramatically improve accuracy and results.

Mobile Advertising Courses for 2019


  • Learn why data quality is the most significant, yet the least acknowledged cause of marketing waste
  • Understand how data segments are created and how the process can impact data quality
  • Develop specific criteria to distinguish good data from bad

Proving the Accuracy of Targeting Data

  • Learn what “Verification” and “Transparency” really mean and how these terms are misused, misunderstood and misrepresented
  • Understand what happens to data (and campaigns) in the absence of data transparency and verification
  • Develop techniques for avoiding the pitfalls of poor-quality data

Mobile Data Privacy + Security

  • Learn about the impact of GDPR and other privacy regulations on mobile advertising
  • Understand how to mitigate data privacy and security risks across mobile campaigns
  • Develop practices and principles that will safeguard audience data while delivering results

5G and its Impact on Advertising

  • Learn about how 5G is a far more profound change than just being “another G”
  • Understand the mobile shifts that will impact marketing, and marketing data, in particular
  • Develop specific near-term plans to make your organization 5G ready now


On-Site Learning
On-site classes taught in-person at your facility by an Emodo Institute instructor, customized for your team

Online Learning
Live, online versions of the same courses that allow for a distributed team learning experience

Podium Series
The Emodo Institute members speak on emerging trends and research at industry conferences around the world


Mobile's Little Secret is a Big Drag on ROI for Advertisers

Behind all of the growth and allure of location-based advertising, a secret has been looming. It’s the type of secret that impairs success and can drag the “R” from ROI. It’s also, apparently, the type of secret that lost of people know, but nobody wants to talk about… 

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