San Francisco – WEBWIRE – Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Emodo, Ericsson’s mobile advertising and data monetization platform, today announced the launch of the Emodo Institute, a brand new program focused on the research, education, and resolution of the mobile data concerns that hinder the effectiveness of mobile advertising. The Institute seeks to help advertisers, agencies, and solution providers master best practices, increase their understanding of mobile data, and deliver better results.

According to eMarketer, programmatic advertising is projected to make up more than 80 percent of digital display ad spend this year. Of that, more than 70 percent — almost $33 billion — is forecasted to go to mobile. Even so, there is a major disconnect between the amount spent on mobile programmatic and the industry’s understanding of how it works. Between the technological uniqueness of programmatic in the mobile world and the data issues that plague the industry, there are legitimate challenges that mobile advertisers face today. Overall, misconceptions, misrepresentations, and missed opportunities are commonplace across mobile advertising and the use of mobile targeting data.

Enter the Emodo Institute. The first initiative of its kind, the program uniquely combines Emodo’s first-party research and analysis with a structured education series, all based on Emodo’s unique access to mobile carrier data. Courses will be provided via on-site instructor-led classes, webinars, and presentations at key industry events. Together, published research, insights and courses create opportunities for advertisers, agencies, and other stakeholders to foster a deeper understanding of mobile advertising, ultimately pushing mobile data issues out of the shadows and toward a resolution.

“With the Emodo Institute, we’re aiming to help professionals understand thorny issues like data reliability, privacy and security to fill the gap that products alone cannot,” remarked Alistair Goodman, General Manager of Ericsson Emodo. “While we can provide products to help agencies navigate and alleviate the various challenges in mobile programmatic, tools can only go so far. By advancing insight, building knowledge, and deepening understanding about mobile data, we’re helping professionals achieve markedly better advertising outcomes.”

In an effort to make mobile marketing more impactful for advertisers and agencies, the Institute has crafted a variety of learning programs that help digital teams learn and explore key topics and innovations together. The initial list of courses will include:

  • Mobile Programmatic Advertising Basics
  • Mobile Data Sourcing + Curation
  • Mobile Data Verification
  • Mobile Data Privacy + Security

Coming Soon: Mobile 5G and its Impact on the Future of Advertising

The initiative will be spearheaded by Jake Moskowitz, a veteran in the mobile data and measurement space. Prior to his most recent role at Emodo as VP of Data Solutions, he spent four years at Nielsen working with the world’s most prominent digital media platforms to develop new mobile measurement products. Moskowitz also spent eight years at AT&T, where he developed and ran the company’s first mobile advertising sales platform, as well as worked on consumer