Survey of 400 marketers regarding the effects on the loss of device identifiers 

San Francisco, CA – [June 8, 2022] Emodo, an Ericsson company providing high-impact audience, inventory and creative advertising solutions, today released brand new data findings from its Voice of the Marketer Series: Identity Research survey.

The survey, which was conducted by Emodo’s research arm, Emodo Institute, polled 400 senior brand and agency marketers during March 2022. It focused on how ID changes have impacted brands and agencies, with the aim of determining the potential of several different options for making up the scale lost from these changes.

“One year after Apple changed their device ID tracking model, we’re recognizing that once-promising identity alternatives such as universal IDs and first-party data collection are not providing enough scale,” said Jake Moskowitz​, Head of the Emodo Institute & VP of Data Strategy. “It’s paramount to equip brands and marketers with tools for addressability, as the concerns and negative effects of campaign effectiveness and scale are very real.”

Key findings from the report include:

Device ID changes are having a negative impact on campaigns

Overall, the majority of marketers are experiencing a loss of both scale and effectiveness.

88% of marketers believe the impending deprecation of cookies will have a negative effect on scale and 82% of C-level marketers are already reporting a negative impact on such.

Additionally, 80% of C-level marketers are reporting a negative impact on effectiveness. 67% of marketers overall are experiencing scaling difficulties and 69% of those scaling issues are also coupled with lack of effectiveness. 70% of marketers experiencing scale issues say they are reallocating budgets to other channels and tactics as a result.

Walled Gardens are not the answer, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) looks promising

More than 64% of major brand marketers don’t believe that the Walled Gardens will solve identity issues. However, marketers across the board feel that AI-based solutions that are not dependent on ID or device tracking are a potential remedy – viewing them as unique and innovative – and they are eager to test these AI solutions reaching audiences at scale. C-level marketing executives (88%) in particular are bullish about the adoption of AI-based audiences, with 91% of them ready to test. Overall, 88% of marketers who are experiencing ID-related scale issues and are concerned about privacy changes, say they are looking to test AI-based solutions.

Marketers are more concerned about identity than invalid traffic (IVT), fraud and supply path optimization (SPO)

When evaluating various concerns among the ad industry, 68% of agency marketers consider privacy and identity to be of greater concern than IVT, fraud and Supply Path Optimization. 62% of brand-direct marketers feel the same.

“AI technology provides a more durable targeting method that is uniquely suited for privacy-centric advertising, and our research shows that the industry is eager to lean into it,” continued Moskowitz​. 

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