That’s a wrap, folks. Episode nine is the last in our nine-part series. 

The FIVE podcast was developed to help marketers cut through the 5G hyperbole and zero in on the specifics that matter: the opportunities, the concerns, the realistic, the near-term and the actionable. Over the course of the nine-episode series, host Jake Moskowitz and his guests have looked at 5G technology, devices and innovation and how they will impact consumers and change digital marketing as the new mobile network takes hold. The show has covered a lot of ground. It’s time to snap all the pieces together and take a look at the big picture.

Episode nine, “The Tipping Point,” summarizes the big takeaways from the series, including 5G’s impact on marketing data, programmatic advertising, retail and other physical environments, consumer expectations and the emerging importance of mobile carriers in the marketing ecosystem. Also, Jake’s guests share their informed predictions for how and when 5G will reach the tipping point and become mainstream.

Ep9 Guests (in order of appearance):

  • Yory Wurmser, Principal Analyst at eMarketer
  • Allison Schiff, Senior Editor at AdExchanger
  • Jeremy Lockhorn, Media Consultant and Founder of New Media Geek
  • John Penney, Chief Strategy Officer at Twentieth Century Fox
  • Yves Boudreau, VP of Partnerships and Ecosystem Strategy at Edge Gravity
  • Barb Kielhofer, Associate Director of Data Architecture at Spark Foundry
  • Kate Reinmiller, Cofounder and CRO at Ad Lightning

FIVE, The 5G Podcast for Marketers, is presented by the Emodo Institute and Ericsson Emodo.