Episode 5: The Shifting Shape of Data


As 5G becomes more prominent, proactive marketers are going to have to plan differently, think about data and targeting differently and even partner differently.

In our 5th episode, The Shifting Shape of Data, Jake Moskowitz outlines the significant changes coming to marketing data and talks with agency thought-leaders about the impact of 5G on targeting and ad personalization. Whether they’re in the home, wearables, extended reality or sensors out in the world, all of the new 5G-enabled devices and experiences will increase the amount of data, data inputs, precision and sophistication of data models.

Michael Stich of VML Y&R talks with Jake about how 5G-enabled data will power more personalized, predictive and prescriptive experiences, Lauren Stearley of Starcom Worldwide describes the emerging importance of probabilistic data in the 5G world. Barb Kielhofer of Spark Foundry shares some wise advice about marketing authenticity and talks with Jake about how 5G-improved data will improve ad personalization. Allison Schiff of AdExchanger advises 5G marketers to consider the privacy “underbelly” of marketing programs right from the start.


  • Allison Schiff, Senior Editor at AdExchanger
  • Barb Kielhofer, Associate Director of Data Architecture at Spark Foundry
  • Lauren Stearley, Associate Director of Programmatic at Starcom Worldwide
  • Michael Stich, Chief Business Officer at VMLY&R

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Jake Moskowitz, Head of the Emodo Institute at Ericsson Emodo

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