E6: The New Privacy Conundrum


Episode 6, The New Privacy Conundrum, explores the ways privacy policy may impact 5G marketing and vice-versa.

Data and privacy are so intertwined these days that any in-depth data conversation is inevitably going to end up including the issue of privacy. The previous episode of FIVE looked at the ways marketing data will change with the proliferation of 5G. Episode 6 dives into the flip side of that conversation – Privacy. Episode 6 is a different kind of FIVE. Jake dedicates the entire episode to a one-on-one interview with an expert on the privacy policies of more than 60 countries. The discussion covers a wide range of privacy-centric topics, including new impending U.S. policies, how 5G and AI may spark additional privacy concerns, the potential role of carriers as privacy protectors and how privacy mandates may impact 5G user experiences.

Jake’s FIVE List:

There is a lot of info packed into this episode. After the interview, Jake adds color to five important takeaways regarding 5G and Privacy:

  1. From a privacy standpoint, 5G is a more compelling proposition for consumers and marketers in the U.S., than it is abroad.
  2. Some long-standing privacy policies may apply to advertising data for the first time.
  3. The speed and precision of 5G are likely to lead to additional policy impacts.
  4. Carriers are likely going to play a really important role in the world of privacy.
  5. 5G is new terrain. It won’t take long for creative marketers to spur all kinds of new questions around data categorization and privacy policy.

Special Guest:

Kelly Anderson, VP of Data Protection & Privacy @ Ericsson Emodo. The interview was recorded June 11, 2019

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Jake Moskowitz, Head of the Emodo Institute at Ericsson Emodo

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